Bob's Pictures of comet Hyakutake

GIF of Comet H
This is comet Hyakutake as imaged by Bob from Wye Island on the Eastern Shore of Maryland on the morning of Saturday, March 23, 1996. This image is a 2 minute exposure taken with a Nikon FM2, Nikkor 20mm f/3.5 lens, Kodak Royal Gold 1000 ISO film. Bob's 12.5-inch f/5 telescope, the Jeep and the dogs can be seen in the foreground. Cathy is sitting on the ground behind the puppies. Bob used a flashlight with a red filter to light up the telescope, jeep, dogs and general area.

Star Trails Image of Hyakutake
Star Trails Image of the Comet
This is a fifteen minute photo of the comet taken from Big Meadows along Skyline Drive in western Virginia at about 4:45am on March 27. I used a Nikon FM2 camera, a 35mm f/2 (set to f/2.8) lens and Kodak Royal Gold 1000 ISO color negative film. Note the short meteor that was caught by the photo, center, just below the tail of the comet.

Wide Angle Picture of the Comet
Wide Angle Image
This picture was also taken on the morning of March 27th. But this time, I had a 20mm wide angle lenses on the Nikon Camera, and the Camera was mounted on a " barndoor" mount that allowed the camera to track the stars for the 10 minute exposure. Note that the trees in the corners are burred because they moved! Also note the Big Dipper hiding behind the tail of the comet in the upper center of the picture.

Less of a wide angle view of the comet
Image Taken with a 35mm Lense
This image is another 10 minute exposure, but with a 35mm lenses on the Nikon. The camera tracked the stars for this exposure too. Very nice tail!

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