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Since the late 1989, Bob has been writing and babbling about anything to do with amateur astronomy and sometimes various space topics. This is a non-complete list of some of the articles he has written. All articles may be linked to, but are copyrighted 2002, Robert Bunge. More links are added as Bob searches his 5-inch floppy disk archives.

Amateur Astronomy Magazine

Newsletter of the Northern Virginia Astronomy Club

Observing Notes from the Tuckahoe Irregulars

Columbus Dispatch

M-111, the Newsletter of the Richland Ohio Astronomical Society

Columns Titled Reflections in the Eyepiece. Please note that most of these columns are 10 or more years old. They are shown here as they were published. Updates, changes and corrections have not been done.

Early Usenet Sci.astro Postings

Bob was a early sci.astro junkie (long before sci.astro was broken up into sub groups). Bob more-or-less abandoned SAA because there is too much noise to signal. You can use the Google Groups Archive to find some of them:


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