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Logan the Eastern Box Turtle

Maggie and John are the Joy of our Lives 2005/12/18, 01:20 UT, CM=153 Bowie MD, 4.25-inch f/10 reflector 270x 2005/12/14, 01:20 UT, CM=200 Bowie MD, 4.25-inch f/10 reflector 270x
Bob Looks at Mars With His Telescopes
Bob Builds and Uses Telescopes Shadow, Lady and Tramp: The "Killer" Golden Retrievers Bob and Cathy Like Bright Comets 
We Also Like Solar Eclipses Railfanning
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Bob Webmasters the weather page of the NOVAC website
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Articles About Astronomy
Bob's has always enjoyed chasing and photographing steam locomotives Bob's been shooting images of the night sky for many years

NOAA Point Forecast for Bowie (more)
Mostly Cloudy
Low: 60°F
PoP: 43%
Partly Sunny
High: 77°F
PoP: 2%
Tomorrow Night
Partly Cloudy
Low: 48°F
PoP: 2%
Chance Rain Showers
High: 67°F
PoP: 33%
Friday Night
Chance Rain Showers
Low: 53°F
PoP: 31%
Mostly Cloudy
High: 68°F
PoP: 3%
current weather icon Currently at Andrews Airforce Base: Fair, 72.0°F (22.0° ;C)
Winds are South at 6.9 MPH (6 KT), pressure is and the humidity is 65%. Feels like °F
Last Updated on Apr 17 2024, 5:55 pm EDT 48 hour history

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Meteoblue Astronomical Seeing in the DC area

The USG in DC is currently in operating status: Open

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