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Early morning MARC train at Silver Spring, MD

From time to time, it's fun to watch and take photos of trains.

Amtrak/Metro Action in Silver Spring on a chilly February Afternoon

Commuters waiting for the 4:15 West Virigina bound MARC chat away as Amtrak's Chicago bound Capitol Limited blows through the station at an estimated 50 mph. This scene is repeated daily. 320x280 pixel MPEG4 Video. Shot 2/7/2006.

Moovving MARC

A January Martinsburg bound MARC rolls pass commuters awaiting their ride home at the Silver Spring station while a Metrorail training also slides past. Looming in the back ground are the Silver Spring headquarters for NOAA. Taken 1/31/2006. 1/10 second exposure.

Morning MARC and Metrorail action at Silver Spring, Maryland

January 14, 2006; a morning MARC powers out of Silver Spring alongside a Metrorail train. 640x480 MPEG4 movie/video.

Foggy MARC

A morning MARC train rambles into Silver Spring on a foggy winter morning. Taken 1/6/2006. 640x480 MPEG4 Movie.

Morning MARC

A morning inbound MARC train starts off from the Silver Spring station after dropping off passengers. 640x480 MPEG4 movie, taken 12/29/2005.

Amtrak 30, Capitol Limited at Silver Spring

Amtrak train 30, The Capitol Limited passes through the Silver Spring MARC station on it's final leg into Washington, DC. 640x480 MPEG4 movie, 4Mbs. Taken 1/14/2006

Northbound Amtrak Acela Train at Bowie

A north bound Aclea passes through the Bowie MARC station on the number 2 track. 640x480 MPEG4 movie. Taken 1/24/2006.

Amtrak 29, The Capitol Limited at Silver Spring

In this 640x480 MPEG4 movie, the Capitol Limited buzzes through the Silver Spring MARC station on track number 1, as seen from the MARC walk over bridge.

Metrorail at Gallery Place

A Metrorail train pulls into the Gallery Place station.

6:00 AM MARC

An early morning MARC with a red nosed Geep thottles up out of the Silver Spring, MD. 1/14/2006

Amtrak 29, The Capitol Limited passes through Silver Spring, MD

640x480 MPEG4 movie/video of Amtrak 29, the Capitol Limited passing through the MARC station at Silver Spring on the number 1 track.


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