Bob and Cathy See A Total Eclipse of the Sun

Last Touched 1999 January 7

In 1998, Bob and Cathy travelled to see the great eclipse of 1998 from near Abuba. It was a great vacation and a good time was had.

On August 11, 1999, we observed the start of the famous Total Eclipse over Europe from Sandypoint State Park in Maryland!

MV Fascination, Pier Side
Bob and Cathy saw the eclipse from the MV Fascination.
Overlooking St. Thomas
One stop during the cruise was in St. Thomas, one of the US Virgin Islands.
Cathy snorkling while at St. Thomas
In St. Thomas, we went snorkling. Bob really likes doing this. Cathy wasn't so sure.
A barracuda
Bob photographed this barracuda with a throw-away underwater camera.
Scenic overlook in Puerto Rico
We spent a couple of days exploring Puerto Rico, a very beautiful island.
Ocean Sunset
We changed dinner seatings so that we could watch the ocean sunsets every evening.
Dolls at a market in Guadeloupe
During a visit to the island of Guadeloupe, we walked around and photographed the local scene.
Fresh Spices for Sale in an open market
The open markets in Guadeloupe smelled wonderful!.
Guadeloupe Locals
This is Bob's favorite picture of the entire trip.
Our setup on eclipse day
Here's where we observed the event from... you can see Bob's 6-inch travel telescope and a camera.
Rain about two hours before totality
As the ship left Aruba and headed toward the observing site, we passed through a brief rain shower!
Here's the most difficult photo of the trip - Bob and Cathy with the eclipsed sun behind them (above and slightly left of Bob's head)!
A boy and his toy
After totality, Bob sits beside his 6-inch travel scope. Bob had this scope on the aircraft carrier USS America in the early 1980's, so it was like two old sea dogs getting all salty again. Bob observed three southern hemisphere globular clusters with the scope during the trip that he had not observed before.
Bob, Cathy and a projection of the sun
After totality, Bob and Cathy hold a piece of paper on which an image of the partially eclipsed sun is projected. The 6-inch travel scope is doing the projection.

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